Spazio SZ-300Z

Product weight: 6.4 kg
Angle adjustment: 125 ?ø ~ 170?ø
Size :?ÿ(Opened) W510 x D830 x H1010~1050mm.?ÿ(Folded) W210 x D480 x H940mm

A hegher than normal seating positing raises the baby above ground-base d allergens and offer a better view .


An extra long and wide seat provides extra growing space and additional comfort.

3D mesh seat, hight ventilated mesh seat is used.

Mesh top canopy?ÿ window allows easy viewing of your baby.
Mesh window canopy that can be opened and closed offers improved ventilation when required.
Moisture free, rapid dry polyester is used to ensure maximum comfort for all seasons.
Moisture free, rapid dry polyester?ÿis used to ensure maximum comfort for all seasons.
Large canopy is able to cut over 96% of ultra-violet ray in sunlight so that the baby can be protected.?ÿ
Reversible handle?ÿcan be switched easily and quickly betwen forward facing mode and face-to-face mode.
A Higher Handle?ÿmakes pushing easy and comfortable for tall parents.
Convenient-folding design.?ÿThe stroller can be easily and quickly folded in half and then a second time to maximize compactness.
Shoulder strap?ÿcan be attached to the stroller after folded for easy carrying.?ÿ
170?ø degree full reclining seat.?ÿOne-touch seatback with multiple recline position from upright to almost horizontal.?ÿ
Soft suspension together with shock absorbing frame, helps absorbing of vibrations.
One-touch 5-point harness offers maximum protection and retention. One-touch buckle is convenient for releasing the safety belt.?ÿ
Large and Wide wheels smooth out bumps and make pushing easy.
Extra large basket which canload 5kg provides convenience and relax during shopping.

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