F2 Plus AD-450

Product weight: 4.1kg
Angle adjustment: 125 °~ 160 °
Size :(Opened) W6495 x D730~795 x H1060mm.(Folded) W495 x D350~385 x H895mm

High seat position at 53cm which raises the baby above ground-based allergens and offers a better view.

At an ultra lightweight of 4.1kg, it is easy to handle no matter when you go up and down stairs or transportation.

There are optional different colored wheel caps for you to mix and match your own stroller.

Complete Mesh Seat is used, baby feel comfortable even during summer.

The foot end of seat liner is equipped with support cushion. It can keep baby comfortable posture according to different needs.

Canopy with mesh window can be opened for better ventilation, and can be closed on windy days.

Able to cut over 99% of ultra-violet ray in sunlight so that baby can be protected.

Can be easily operated even when you are holding your baby or bag with another hand.

A higher handle makes pushing easy and comfortable for tall parents.

It is convenient for parents to seat and unseat baby as front guard can be fully detached with one hand operation.

Automatically stored backrest while folding the stroller.

Soft suspension together with shock absorbing frame, helps absorbing of vibrations.

Flexible adjust reclining angle of backrest from 120 to 165 degree.

5-point harness offers maximum protection and retention. One-touch buckle is convenient for releasing the safety belt.

Big basket provides convenience and relax during shopping.

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