Cocorro S UX

Description :

Age: 0 month to around 48 months(Below 18Kg)
Equipped weight: 4.4kg
Rear-facing: W420 x D635 x H540mm
Forward-facing:W420 x D530x H603mm
Specification :

Dacco Seat

The dacco seating system replicates a parent's cuddle which is the most comfortable and natural position. It helps minimizing the body stress effectively, secures the baby in the unique position and yet allows baby to move the arms and legs freely.

Side protection

Side shock absorbing pad is added on both left and right side to protect baby from side impact.


3D mesh and HO-COOLING fabric applied on the seat cushion to ensure comfort of the child.

Lower seat design

Coccoro is only 9.6cm leaving maximum height clearance when seating and unseating the child.

Anti-slipping design

Advanced design ensures easy and secured installation.

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