Buon Junior

Age: 3 to around 11 years old (15kg ~ 36kg)
Equipped weight:4.2kg
Size :W455 x D455~465 x H670~810mm(Include drink holder)

Duo ventilation system with ventilated seat pad and air gate

Big drink holder can be attached to the left or to the right.
Shoulder belt guide is adjustable according positioned. Backrest supporting to head can be used up to 11 years. It helps protecting child from major side impact.
The first adjustable shoulder belt guide in Japan. Ensures seat belt is correctly positioned. (Patent pending)
It is suitable for children weighing between 15kg and 36kg. It protects the child from major shocks and impacts, in particularly side impacts.
The backrest could be removed and act as a booster seat to suit children who weighing between 25kg and 36kg (until the vehicle seat belt could no long touch the child's neck), and raise the seat height.

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